About Joanna Bookkeeping

Hey! I’m Joanna. An entrepreneur and founder of Joanna Bookkeeping.

I’ve always dreamt about having my own business. Being free has always been my goal. Working for someone else takes that freedom away from me.

Your understanding of freedom can be completely different to mine.

  • Maybe you created or want to create your own business because you want to have a financial freedom.
  • Maybe you want to be in a control of creating a better work-life balance.
  • Maybe not having an influence on a direction of a business in which you’re currently working is demotivating for you.
  • Maybe you have big ideas and want to change the world.

Whatever motivations and reasons you have behind embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, we both want the same – live a life that is our dream and is defined by us.

I have a feeling you’ve landed on this website because you’re passionate about your business and want to make your dreams come true. 

I have a feeling you’ve landed on this website because you’re passionate about your business and want to make your dreams come true. 

I have a feeling you’ve landed on this website because you’re passionate about your business and want to make your dreams come true. 

Running a business can be challenging. And if you don’t have anyone in your family or amongst your friends who’s successfully done this before, doing it on your own can feel almost impossible.

Joanna Bookkeeping is much more than just an accounting and bookkeeping practice.

We’re passionate about business. Accounting and bookkeeping are an integral part of running a business, but they form a bigger picture with all other areas.

If you want to run a successful business that will create the life of your dreams, you need to include both accounting and bookkeeping. I’ve seen it too often when poor accounting led to poor decisions. Don’t make the same mistake.

As a business owner, I’ve tested lots of things myself and I share these things with you via blog articles, social media or newsletter, so you can easily implement them in your own business. They cover accounting areas explained in a jargon-free language but also other business areas.

Because as accountants and bookkeepers at Joanna Bookkeeping we work with other businesses, we’ve also witnessed and tested things through our work. This significantly expands our knowledge which we can then use to help next business owners that come to us. This could be you.

Do we make money from our accounting and bookkeeping services? Yes. This is a business and for a business to survive and for us to help you, we need to sell and we need to be profitable. But we also provide plenty of free resources, so make sure you regularly visit our website and sign up to our newsletter.

6 things to know about Joanna Bookkeeping, Oxford-based accounting Practice


We Help Businesses Owners Be In Love With Their Businesses

We do that by being passionate about the accounting and bookkeeping services we provide but also by offering free materials. Whether you are our current client, are still thinking about working with us or not looking for a professional accountant or a bookkeeper yet, make sure you regularly check our blog, social media and join our newsletter. We can’t talk to everyone who visists our website individually and these are the ways we can share our knowledge and experience with you to help you thrive and enjoy your business journey.


We Believe What You Have To Offer To The World Is Unique

There’s no other business and business owner like you. You may be selling flowers just like another shop on the corner but your energy, passion, the way you work and your motivations are different. And there’s plenty of space for everyone, so never give up thinking whatever you want to do has already been done.


We’re Open To A Change

We never sit still. We’re open to improve our services and are always on the lookout for helpful solutions. It can be something specific to our clients or something that can help other businesses as well. Make sure you always follow our blog because we share our discoveries and helpful tips there.


We’re Not For Everyone

We work with aspiring business owners and those that understand the importance of accounting and the invaluable benefits that come from working with professional and qualified accountants and bookkeepers. We’re friendly (book a  call with us to find out), have a sense of humour and love tasty food. If you’re looking for an accountant or bookkeeper with who you’ll be able to have a chat about how your business is doing and how we can help, we can be your perfect match.


We Don’t Tolerate Hate

Whether it’s internally or externally when working with clients. We believe in mutual respect and a business partnership that benefits everyone. We’re open to conversations and feedback and try to constantly improve our services to help our clients. If you think there’s anything that’s not working the way you would expect, please come to us. But we won’t tolerate shaming, bullying and pointing fingers. We’re all grown ups and trying to make our dreams come true, so let’s be kind to each other.


We’re Qualified

Our knowledge of accounting, bookkeeping and tax comes from both practical and formal experience. Rules and regulations change and we never sit still. We make sure that apart from spending time on tasks for our clients, we also invest in our development, so we can be of even greater help. As a member of AAT, Joanna must also comply with CPD requirements to ensure a high level of competence and professionalism.

AAT Licenced accountant

Licensed and regulated by AAT to provide services in accordance with the licence number 1007106.

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