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Tax Returns

This time of the year again? It probably feels like it was yesterday, but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered for you. Whether you’re self-employed and need to file a simple self-assessment tax return or require a full package including a preparation of year-end accounts for your limited company, Joanna Bookkeeping is a perfect place for you. All done in an accurate and timely manner, so you can sit and relax.

VAT returns

VAT returns can be complex, challenging and time consuming. If you’re looking for someone to take away this burden, so you can focus on other things in your business, we’re here to help. We can review business records prepared by you and then prepare and file your VAT returns or if you prefer we can offer a full service together with doing your bookkeeping. If you’re currently not VAT registered and keep asking yourself these questions: Do I need to register for VAT? Which VAT scheme is the best for me? When do I have to register for VAT? we can assist you with these as well.


Clear and accurate reports- that's the only way you can know what is happening in your business. They will also help you act right on time and make the best decisions that will contribute to your company's growth.

Bookkeeping services

Would you like to have a bookkeeper who doesn't focus purely on processing transactions but who reviews your books before your year-end to make sure they’re accurate and compliant with the regulations? You're in the right place. High-quality bookkeeping services are a priority at Joanna Bookkeeping.

Accounting Software

What accounting software should I use? Which accounting software is the best? There isn’t one answer that fits all as all businesses have different needs and require a different level of support and here at Joanna Bookkeeping we understand it very well. You may have just started your business journey or run a small business as self-employed or you may have a big volume of monthly transactions, operate a PAYE system and require accounting software with payroll and other integrations. No matter at what stage of your business you are, we will advise you on the best options.

Accounting software training

Prefer to do your day-to-day processing by yourself? Or maybe one of your employees needs support getting to grips with the accounting software? We can provide you with the software training, so you can operate it independently. This will ensure that your records are accurate providing you with real confidence in the information you need to make the correct business decisions. Currently we provide training for Xero, QuickBooks and Coda.

Systems and processes

Would you like your business to take advantage of technological solutions, but you find technology overwhelming and complicated? Not to worry. Here at Joanna Bookkeeping we love technology and can help to provide solutions that will really benefit your business. We will go through your current systems and processes and see what is working and what could be improved. Following that we will provide you with solutions and help you implement them, so that your business can start benefitting from the improved efficiency, time saving and reduced costs.

Company Formation

Self-employed or limited company? Starting your own business can be overwhelming and confusing especially when you have to decide on your business legal structure. There’s no simple answer to whether you should become self-employed or start a limited company as both come with their pros and cons. The question is what legal structure is best in your situation? Here at Joanna Bookkeeping we will support you from the early stages, so you don’t have to go through everything alone. We will assess your situation individually, advise on the best option and help you officially open your business. Drop us an email to discuss things further.

Payroll Services

One of the biggest nightmares and worries for business owners doesn't have to be your problem anymore. Outsource payroll to Joanna Bookkeeping, be stress-free, free up your time and do the things that you're passionate about in your business.

Other Accounting Services

Provided on request, so your business can receive a variety of financial support. If you require other accounting services not mentioned above, please get in touch.


We offer fixed accounting packages. As every business is unique, we prepare individual accounting and bookkeeping packages to suit your business needs.

Our fees start from £40 per month if your business requires a minimum support.

You can add services any time as your business grows or reduce them if your situation changes.

What we take into account when working out fees for you?

-Your revenue
-Number of transactions
-Level of support you require
-Number of employees (for payroll)

We sometimes charge an onboarding fee* if your business requires some additional work before we can crack on with the regular stuff. It’s a one-off charge.

*An example of an onboarding fee could be a catch-up work required to bring your books up to date or setting up accounting software.

Our pricing is transparent. You will receive a quote with all fees before we sign an agreement, so you will know how much you will be charged and for what.

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how it works

Services are provided remotely, so you don’t need to leave your home or workplace.

Paperwork is delivered electronically.
This saves money and time for both sides and reduces unnecessary printing.
If you’re not sure how this can be done, we can explain everything and do all the set-up for you.

Services can be provided weekly, monthly, quarterly or as a one-off package.
It all depends on your needs and size of your business.
We have an individual approach to our clients.

  1. Book a meeting with us during which you’ll tell us about your business and support you need.
  2. You’ll receive an initial proposal matching your needs.
  3. We’ll sign a contract.
  4. This will be a beginning of our great partnership.

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