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Annual accounts called also statutory accounts or year-end accounts must be submitted to Companies House by limited companies once a year. Non-compliance is a criminal offence and can result in fines and personal liabilities for the directors.

But where do you even start? How do you prepare annual accounts for your limited company? What accounting standard should you follow to make sure statutory accounts of your limited company comply with the regulations? Can simple Google search help with this? Google can answer some of the basic questions for you but the information is scattered and putting everything together and making sure it’s done correctly is a different story. Accounting principles and standards can be confusing. Why not let a professional accountant who has both practical experience and relevant technical knowledge deal with annual accounts preparation for your limited company?

We are a digital accounting practice and offer annual accounts preparation services to limited companies in Oxford but also in other parts of the UK.

Benefits of using our Oxford Accountants


You can find some information about annual accounts for a limited company on the internet, but will doing this all by yourself grow your sales or build relationships with your customers?  Will you also be confident that your statutory accounts comply with the accounting standards and the current regulations? We love accounting and we have necessary knowledge and experience in annual accounts preparation for limited companies. Let our Oxford accountant be part of this process and offer you our professional annual accounts preparation services, so you have time to prioritise tasks that only you know how to do best.


Running a business is stressful enough and worrying about how to prepare limited company statutory accounts for Companies House correctly is only going to make things worse. Knowing that you have an accountant with a relevant expertise that can help you will give you comfort and peace of mind making you feel relieved.


Accounting, tax, accounting standards and all these things can be quite technical and complex. Not everything is always explained in a simple language making annual accounts preparation for limited companies even harder and scarier. Our Oxford accountants explain things in a simple language because it’s not about impressing you with fancy words. It’s all about making sure you understand things, why they are important and how they help your limited company and also that we can support you in your business adventure.

Fees For Annual Accounts For Limited Company

Our Oxford accounting practice can offer various accounting packages for your limited company. Our accountants from Oxford can help you with annual accounts preparation only if that’s what you need or we can be more involved in a bookkeeping side of the business as well. Depending on your individual needs and also on your business’s complexity, we can build a suitable accounting package for your limited company.

Please arrange a free initial chat with our Oxford accountant to first discuss your situation and needs of your limited company. After this, we will send you an initial proposal for your consideration.

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Our annual accounts preparation services can be used by limited companies from Oxford and other parts of the UK.


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