Each business has different needs and is at a different stage. We are not able to provide one fee that meets needs of all businesses at the same time. We provide high-quality services and our fees are tailored individually. We’re also qualified accountants and bookkeepers and our fees reflect our experitise and the quality of services and input we provide for our clients. In order to provide you with a personalised quote, we need to gather some information about your business, your needs and expectations. Please contact us to have a friendly chat first.

The initial meeting is free of charge.

Our Initial Meeting

During the meeting we’ll ask you general questions about a type of your business, your needs, current problems or challenges and services you require. To prepare a tailored quote for you we will also need to know your turnover, average monthly number of transactions and types of transactions. Depending on what services you require, we will also ask additional questions, like for example what accounting software you use if any.

We will have a friendly chat about your business needs. This is the time for you to let us know about what you’re looking for and what your challenges are. We will ask you a few questions to better understand your business and your processes. The information we will gather during the meeting is necessary for us to prepare a personalised quote for you.

The meeting can last up to 45 minutes. We don’t have to use the whole time though. If we discuss everything earlier, the meeting will be shorter.

We tailor our fees to individual needs. We believe there’s no other business that is exactly like yours and that requires exactly the same services. We want you to get the best service for YOU. In order to provide you with a personalised quote and service, we need some details about your business. As an accountancy provider, we have to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. All information provided by you during the consultation is strictly confidential.

No. The meeting isn’t a sales presentation. We want to find out about your business, so we can tailor our services to your needs. After the meeting, you will receive a personalised quote and you will have time to review it and then let us know whether you want to work with us or not. This will also be the time when we can discuss the quote further and talk about any amendments, e.g. adding extra services, removing some etc.


Yes, definitely! We will go through your current business situation and processes with you and help you build a bespoke service package. We don’t expect you to be an expert in accounting. You have us to help you.

After Initial Meeting

After the initial meeting you will receive a personalised quote from us. At this stage we can still discuss any changes. Once you’re happy with the proposal, we will sign an engagement letter and once that’s done, we will start working together.

We aim to prepare a quote for you within 48 hours from our initial meeting, but it may take longer if we require information from you that couldn’t be provided during the initial meeting and will be provided to us later.

Before we can start working together, we will need to sign an engagement agreement and collect a few documents. If you’re changing accountants, we will also contact your accountant. This is a standard procedure in the accounting industry. When we’ll start working together will mostly depend on how quickly these documents and necessary information can be delivered to us.

Working Together

We can provide you with various accounting and bookkeeping services. Unfortunately, we can’t take all your financial responsibilities off your hands. We can only apply our knowledge and the accounting and tax rules to the information provided to us by you or your team. As accounting provider, we also have to follow certain rules and regulations and comply with the UK law. This means we will need information or documents from you. How many things we will need, how many questions we will be asking, how often and how much you will have to be involved will depend. Some factors that affect this can be but are not limited to:

  • complexity of your business
  • its structure and its size
  • volume and nature of its transactions
  • whether we are involved in any work on a regular basis or only from time to time
  • state of your business records.

You can delegate certain tasks to your team members, but certain legal responsibilities can’t be delegated to others. If you’re not sure what legal responsibilities you have, please talk to our accountant who will be happy to explain them to you.

We are a digital accounting practice and collect paperwork from our clients digitally. The frequency of delivery will depend upon our agreed work schedules e.g., annual, quarterly or monthly. Paperwork can be emailed to us or saved for us in a shared cloud storage. The exact method of delivering your records will be agreed with you. We can also help you improve any processes and think together about the best and most efficient way of doing things.

However, we will require that you provide your records and information as agreed to enable us to carry out our duties and provide high-quality services as your accountants.

During our work together, we will require some records from you. Whether we will need all the records or only some of them will depend on the service and the queries we may have. We will always explain what we need from you and why and we can agree on the best way of delivering these things to us. Whether it’s simply emailing them or using a different digital solution. Please note that if you don’t provide the information we request, we are unable to perform our services under our contract.

Some of our customers like to have regular contact to discuss their accounts and direction of business, and we are happy to agree on regular catchups with you. Other clients prefer minimal contact, we are happy to accommodate either way. When working on your accounts or tax returns, we may contact you more frequently with various queries to allow us to complete the work on time.

Absolutely! Business is never constant and we totally understand this as we also run our own business. We can have a discussion about adding more services, removing some or changing the way they are delivered. Just let us know what you may need and we’ll be happy to discuss changes with you.

We love being efficient and we always look for ways of doing things better but also easier and quicker if possible. If you feel organising your business records is almost all you do in your business and you’re not sure how to tackle this problem, let us know. We’ll be happy to see if we can suggest something better and more efficient for you.

Interested in working together? Get in touch to arrange the initial meeting.