What email address to use for your business?

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One of the debates people have when they’re starting their own business is what email address to use.

Are you having the same conversations with yourself? Or maybe you think it makes no difference at all?

Can using Gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. have any impact on your business? Does anyone care at all?

In my opinion and from my experience it matters. In some industries more than in others.

Using standard email addresses ending @gmail.com, @hotmail.co.uk and so on doesn’t give a professional impression about your business. In today’s world with lots of scams and dodgy emails landing in our inboxes, using an email address like this can mean lost deals and opportunities to grow your business.

When I get an email from a non-business email address, I think twice. Is this genuine? Should I reply, should I click? Who are they? And by the way, lots of people don’t even put a good signature in their emails, so it’s not easy to verify them. But that’s an additional story.

The tragedy is that in lots of cases behind these email addresses there are real and honest people trying very hard to grow their businesses. You may be one of them.

Does a professional email address guarantee sales? No. There are no guarantees at all when running a business. But it will significantly increase your chances. And you will make a more professional impression. Especially if you add a signature to it.

Definitely avoid emails that you created at school and that you’re still using. We all have them, right? For example, redroses1105@hotmail.co.uk. No-one will treat you seriously.

You can go for options like yourbusinessname@gmail.com but there’s a much better solution and it’s not reserved for big businesses. It’s for everyone who wants to build their own businesses and it’s really affordable.

What is the best solution for An email address for your business?

Purchase your own business domain.

You don’t need to create a website. You can just purchase a domain. With your business domain, you will be able to create a professional email, for example your firstname@yourbusinessname.co.uk

Buying a domain will give you an option of creating your own website at some point as well. Even if it’s going to be just a one-page website. But if you’re not ready for it yet, a domain is all you need to have a professional email address.

Buying a domain is super cheap. Very often you will get a discount for the first year. Compare the offers and…

Make sure you choose the right name for your domain. It should be your business name. Because when you decide to create your own website, this will be the url of your website. And your email address should be consistent with your website, so you can build a brand. You don’t want to have one domain for your email and one completely different for your website later.

So what business name are you going to go for?

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