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I’m sometimes guilty of what I’m going to tell you about in this article. I’m not new to running a business but I still catch myself doing this sometimes.

And when I am, my business suffers.

Do you have millions of ideas? Do you feel like your head is racing with so many ideas that sometimes you struggle to write them down? And those times when you don’t have anything handy to write them down? These are the worst for me. Because I feel I’m losing on so many opportunities. I could be doing so many things! Here and now!

And the ideas could be about anything. Marketing, improved services for current clients, improvements to the systems and processes. You name it.

It’s great to have ideas when you run your business because ideas will help it grow and keep getting better. And business is never constant, the market is never constant, the world keeps constantly changing. So ideas are great because they will help you adapt.

But when you can’t manage your ideas that’s when your business will suffer.

What should you do?

You need to focus.

You need to focus on one thing instead of jumping between different projects.

Choose one thing at a time and get it to the point where it’s been tested and you can either automate it or hand it over to someone else to maintain it (e.g., a virtual assistant) or where you can say it’s not going to work at all and it’s time to say goodbye.

Then focus on the next project.

Of course if you have a team of people, you could be running multiple projects simultaneously. But when you’re just starting your business or are still very small, it’s not always possible. It’s almost very rarely possible.

And you may think that you will be losing on possibilities and won’t grow your business if you’ll be only focusing on one project at a time instead of on many. Because time is precious, right? So logically multitasking should be much better.

But it’s not. If you’re running multiple projects at the same time, you won’t be fully involved in any of them. You won’t master anything.

I think this is especially true for start-ups trying to do their marketing. Is it not better to be everywhere? More chances to be discovered. But also, more chances to fail and for nothing to work. Choose one strategy, test it, get it on an autopilot and expand your efforts by implementing the next marketing strategy.

So look at your ideas, review your to-do list and decide which project you’re going to focus on first.

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