What Is A UTR Number?

UTR number

Find out what UTR number is, how to get it and what to do if you lose it. We’re also explaining why you need it at all.

What Is A UTR Number?

UTR stands for a Unique Taxpayer Reference and it’s a number consisting of 10 digits. The UTR number is unique for everyone and helps HMRC identify you or your business as a taxpayer. In the official correspondence with HMRC it can be sometimes referred to as tax reference or reference.

How do I get a UTR number?

Unique Taxpayer Reference number is assigned by HMRC:

You don’t have to request the UTR number separately. It will be created for you once registering for the services mentioned above. You’ll receive your number in a letter from HMRC and it will stays with you as a taxpayer forever. If you stop trading as a self-employed person and later decide to start another business again as a sole trader, you will have the same UTR number.

Is a UTR number only for self-Employed?

Unique Taxpayer Reference number is very often associated with self-employment. However, this number is given to any tax payer who needs to register for self-assessment tax returns. This can include not only self-employed but also individuals or partnerships. UTR is also given to limited companies for corporation tax purposes.

Why do I need UTR number?

UTR numbers are a way of identifying you or your business for tax purposes. You need your number when submitting your self-assessment tax return. However, when you submit your self-assessment online via your Government Gateway account, this number will be already linked to your account, so you don’t have to provide it separately. If you have an accountant, you will need to give this number to them, so they can prepare tax returns for you.

If you have a limited company that files company tax returns, you will need the UTR number for this. Also, for your accountant, so they can act on your behalf when helping you with the tax returns.

If you work in the Construction Industry, your contractor may also need your Unique Taxpayer Reference number to pay tax to HMRC on your behalf.

Where can I find my UTR number?

Your unique number is mentioned in all correspondence between you or your limited company and HMRC and on your tax returns. If you want to find a lost UTR number, refer to any document from HMRC including payment reminders or any notices asking you to file a return. Look for things that say reference, our reference or tax reference, as these are the same names referring to your Unique Taxpayer Reference number.

As UTR numbers are unique for everyone, you can’t be allocated a new number. If you can’t find your number anywhere, the best way is to contact HMRC.

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