Can't Afford To Outsource To A Bookkeeper? Here's What You Can Do Instead


We know that ultimately growth and profit are the end goals, the road to reaching them is paved with critical decisions, not least of which is how to manage your financial records. For many start-ups and SMEs, the constraints of a tight budget make the idea of outsourcing to a bookkeeper seem like a luxury rather than a necessity. Yet, as every penny counts, ensuring the accuracy of your financial records becomes even more crucial. So, what’s an entrepreneur to do when they recognise the importance of professional bookkeeping but are constrained by limited resources?

In this article, we’ll break down the potential pitfalls of a DIY approach and the limitations of relying exclusively on accounting software. More importantly, we’ll introduce a cost-effective compromise that allows you to benefit from professional insights without the ongoing expense.

As a UK-based bookkeeping and accounting company, the team at Joanna Bookkeeping knows first hand how business owners can benefit from outsourcing to an accountant, and what this partnership can mean for long-term financial wellbeing.

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Let’s take a look at some ways you can improvise if you can’t afford to outsource to a bookkeeper…

Bookkeeper vs. DIY Bookkeeping

The Risks: When you decide to take on the mantle of bookkeeping yourself, you’re stepping into a world filled with nuanced rules and evolving regulations. Inexperience can lead to misinterpretations, incorrect transaction categorizations, and even overlooking beneficial tax provisions. Mistakes in bookkeeping aren’t just about numbers going awry; they can lead to hefty fines and regulatory complications.

The Reality: Bookkeepers don’t just bring expertise to the table; they offer peace of mind. Their understanding of financial landscapes, combined with their skills in managing and interpreting data, ensures your business is always on solid financial ground.

Bookkeeper vs. Accounting Software

The Risks: Many modern accounting software platforms promise simplicity and automation. While they deliver on these fronts, they’re not fool proof. Solely depending on software without a clear understanding of bookkeeping principles can lead to inaccuracies. Remember, software processes what you input. If there’s an error in the input, the output will mirror that.

The Reality: Accounting software is a powerful tool, but it’s just that – a tool. It lacks the human intuition and expertise to decipher anomalies, understand unique business nuances, or give strategic financial advice. A blend of human expertise and software efficiency often yields the best results. To understand this balance further, we recommend diving into our detailed article from July – Do I Need An Accountant Or Can I Just Use Accounting Software?

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What to Do If You Can't Afford Regular Outsourcing

The Solution: Consider training sessions/consultations with a professional bookkeeper. A one-time investment in learning the ropes can save you from costly mistakes down the line. By understanding the basics and getting tailored advice about bookkeeping and/or accounting software early on, you lay a solid foundation for your financial management. Instead of a one-off training session, you can also arrange for an ad-hoc consultancy so you have a qualified and experienced bookkeeper that you can come to whenever you come across something more challenging that you’re not sure how to tackle.

The Benefits: Starting on the right foot can make all the difference. Early training helps you understand your business’s specific financial needs, streamline your processes, and maximise the utility of accounting software. Plus, with tailored advice, you can develop a financial management routine that grows with your business, ensuring sustainability and scalability.

Every business, irrespective of its size, deserves the best financial management practices. While continuous engagement with a professional bookkeeper is the gold standard, it’s essential to recognise that there are flexible approaches to suit every budget. By investing in training or combining human expertise with accounting software tools, businesses can achieve a harmonious blend of cost-effectiveness and financial accuracy. Joanna Bookkeeping believes in empowering every business owner with the tools and knowledge they need. No matter where you are in your business journey, know that there are bookkeeping and accounting solutions tailored just for you. Together, let’s ensure that your financial books are not just records, but beacons guiding your growth.

We really are passionate about supporting ambitious businesses at every stage of their journey. If you’re starting out and need guidance, reach out. We’re here to help you grow, one step at a time.

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