Do I Need An Accountant Or Can I Just Use Accounting Software?

Accounting software

Accounting software has revolutionised the way businesses manage their finances. With a wide range of features and automation capabilities, it can be really tempting to rely solely on software for all your accounting needs. However, while accounting software offers a lot of advantages, there are crucial aspects where it often falls short.

Let’s delve deeper into the reasons why having an accountant is invaluable for your business.

Bookkeeping Expertise

While accounting software streamlines processes and offers automation, it’s important to understand that bookkeeping isn’t just an administrative task. It is an integral part of accounting and serves as the foundation for tax returns and preparing financial statements.

Proper bookkeeping requires in-depth knowledge of accounting principles and regulations. An accountant possesses the expertise to ensure accurate bookkeeping, compliance, and adherence to accounting rules.

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Transaction Processing Guidance

Accounting software provides tools for recording and categorising transactions. However, it won’t provide guidance on how to process each transaction accurately. Determining the appropriate accounts to use, such as non-current asset accounts or expense accounts, requires accounting knowledge and an understanding of your business’s specific requirements.

An accountant can offer valuable insights and advice on transaction processing, ensuring proper financial classification.

Error Detection

Using accounting software means you may be able to balance accounts and provide some sense of accuracy, but it does not guarantee error detection. If transactions are posted incorrectly or without a deep understanding of accounting principles, the software may still produce balanced figures, masking potential mistakes. Without accounting knowledge, you may never realise that something is wrong. This is particularly relevant when it comes to bank feeds in accounting software. Users often link their bank accounts without realising that their bank balances may be incorrect due to various reasons.

An accountant’s expertise is vital for identifying and rectifying errors and preventing potential financial inaccuracies.

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Tax Compliance

Accounting software is designed to assist with financial record-keeping, but it is not a substitute for tax expertise. It won’t provide insights into how your transactions relate to tax regulations, whether you have applied correct VAT rates, or if your VAT returns and tax filings are accurate. An accountant has the specialised knowledge to navigate complex tax laws, ensuring compliance and optimising your tax position. They can offer tailored advice based on your business structure, industry, and specific tax obligations.

Accounts and Tax Preparation

While accounting software can generate reports and track financial data, it does not replace the expertise required to prepare complete annual accounts or ensure tax deductibility. It’s crucial to understand that what may be part of your annual accounts (especially for limited companies) may not always be tax deductible. Accounting software cannot make this distinction for you. An accountant will carefully analyse your financial records, make necessary adjustments, and prepare accurate financial statements and tax returns. Their understanding of accounting principles and tax regulations ensures proper reporting and compliance with statutory requirements.

We don’t doubt that accounting software offers significant benefits to business owners (and accountants) in terms of efficiency, automation, and streamlined financial management. And we do recommend using accounting software for your business. However, it simply cannot replace the expertise and guidance provided by a professional accountant. Unless you have accounting qualifications, we don’t recommend using accounting software on its own. By partnering with an accountant, you gain a trusted advisor who can provide strategic insights, ensure compliance, and optimise your financial operations, allowing you to focus on core business activities and drive sustainable growth in your business.

If you want to chat with someone who understands your responsibilities as a business owner, book a call with one of our Oxford-based accountants. They are able to offer support and give you expert advice when it comes to a wide range of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax topics and make sure that everything is set up correctly and continues to run smoothly.

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