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I was scrolling my Facebook account the other day and I came across this post

“If you want to be really good at being an entrepreneur, you have to get good at everything.”

From experience I will tell you that thinking this way and doing things this way can only drive you nuts. Sooner or later, just a matter of time. Unless you become realistic about this.

It’s a very easy trap to fall into especially when you’re starting a business on your own because there are so many hats to wear. You become everyone and everything in your business. You start small but soon you realise there are so many levels and layers to running a business that your to-do list seems to never end.

And when you start covering all these tasks ranging from those that you actually love to those that aren’t that interesting, there’s a danger you will start feeling you have to be really good at all of them. If you’re a perfectionist, this can even be worse and can slow you down with actually turning your business into a reality.

I’ve tried to be perfect in the past and my projects used to suffer because the delays on them were very long. Sometimes I wouldn’t even know what I was working on anymore. Sometimes I would just give up instead of testing an idea and then improving it.

I think as an entrepreneur you need to be aware of the areas that are involved in building and running a business but you don’t necessarily have to be good or excellent at everything to be really good at being an entrepreneur.

  • You need to be open because believe me there are things that you don’t know yet.
  • You can make mistakes but the best combination is if you also learn from them.
  • You are allowed to ask for help and use people who are good or even excellent in an area that you have no clue about. You can also try to figure out certain things yourself but I would suggest assessing whether this is the best use of your time before going down that road. I know people very often only assess a financial aspect here but other factors can also make you lose money in the long run. Make sure you take these into account.

Just keep going, keep learning and be good and kind to yourself. You’re doing great. You’re making the steps towards your dream. If you can improve next time, that’s what matters and not the fact that you weren’t very good at it when you did it the first time.

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