This Will Keep You Going When It Gets Difficult

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Yesterday I was having a delicious lunch during the day. Amazing Sri Lankan food, I can still taste it. I love my food.

I would never be able to do that while working for someone else full time. Or I would have to ask for permission. Feeling probably guilty at the same time that I want to do something nice because the weather is amazing. And it wouldn’t matter that my tasks are all under control. I would still have to justify myself. Or more likely I would just never ask.

When working for yourself, you don’t have to ask anyone.

But running your own business has also its challenges. I don’t want to scare you but it can be difficult. It can be frustrating. You sometimes want to scream.

But there’s something that always gives me a blast of new energy. I feel fresh. I want to do things. I’m determined to achieve my goals.

Will this also keep you going when times are tough?

I truly believe it will.

I’ve always had a strong why behind my business. I’ve always knew why I wanted to do this.

Without a strong why you will back out at some point.

Your why has to have an emotional meaning. It has to be something that makes you feel something big inside when you think about it. We are driven by emotions.

And your why has to be truly yours. Not your mum’s, not your partner’s, your neighbour’s or your cat’s.

When things get difficult and you’re full of anger, frustration, disappointment or whatever it is, your why will be a powerful tool to help you get up and keep going.

What is your why? How do you feel with it? Why do you want to have your own business?

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