What Counts as Turnover for VAT Registration?

VAT registration

Understanding VAT registration is crucial for business owners in the UK. One of the key aspects of this process is grasping what constitutes taxable turnover, as it directly affects your obligation to register for VAT. Read on as we aim to shed light on taxable turnover, clarify what counts towards the VAT registration threshold, and offer guidance on the registration process, providing you with the knowledge to ensure compliance and make informed decisions for your business.

Understanding Taxable Turnover

What is a taxable turnover and counts towards the VAT registration threshold?

Taxable turnover is the total value of all taxable supplies of goods and services that are made in the UK by a business over 12 months. This figure is pivotal in determining whether your business needs to register for VAT. Taxable supplies encompass a broad range of transactions, including but not limited to:

➡️Sales of goods and services

➡️Exchanges or bartering of goods and services

➡️Leasing or hiring goods

➡️Any goods taken from the business for personal use

These elements contribute to your overall taxable turnover, pushing you closer to or beyond the VAT registration threshold.

The VAT Registration Threshold

The VAT registration threshold in the UK stands currently at £90,000 in taxable turnover over any rolling 12-month period. Crossing this threshold mandates your business to register for VAT with HMRC. But if you expect that your taxable turnover goes over this threshold in the next 30 days, you must register for VAT as well. It’s important for business owners to regularly monitor their turnover to anticipate when registration might become necessary.

*Keep in mind that the threshold is subject to change, so staying informed about current regulations is essential.

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What to Include in Your Taxable Turnover Calculation

When calculating your taxable turnover for VAT registration purposes, include:

✅Standard-rated, reduced-rated, and zero-rated supplies

✅Value of goods and services exchanged or gifted that would otherwise be taxable if sold

✅Services received from abroad that you must reverse charge

✅Value of business goods that you used personally

Do not include:

➡️Exempt supplies, as these do not count toward your VAT-taxable turnover

➡️Sales outside the scope of UK VAT, such as grants for example or certain sales of services made to customers outside the UK (the origin of the supply is outside of the UK)

➡️Income unrelated to your business activities, as this does not contribute to your taxable turnover

How to Register for VAT

Once it’s clear that your turnover has exceeded or is likely to exceed the threshold, the next step is VAT registration. The process is primarily conducted online, streamlining the application and ensuring efficient communication with HMRC. You’ll need to provide specific information about your business and may be required to complete due diligence checks. For a detailed guide through this process, check out our step-by-step guide on How to Register for VAT, designed to navigate you through each phase of registration, equipping you with the necessary tools for a smooth transition into VAT compliance.

Understanding and managing your VAT responsibilities is a critical component of running a successful business in the UK. By accurately calculating your taxable turnover and adhering to the VAT registration process, you ensure your business remains compliant, avoiding potential penalties and building a strong foundation for financial health. Remember, the journey from determining your taxable turnover to completing VAT registration is a sign of your business’s growth and development and a milestone in your entrepreneurial journey.

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